How Home Buyers in Charlotte Improve your Neighborhood

I’ve amassed over 30 years of experience in the Charlotte market working with people from all walks of life. As one  of the more experienced home buyers in Charlotte, I’ve seen, heard, and dealt with all the situations one could imagine regarding real estate, in an intricate world of individual lives, circumstances, and unique conditions.


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Jody Christensen, Managing Partner, JMS Home Buyers LLC.

As one of the leading home buyers in Charlotte, I would like to share with you an interesting aspect of our business which is often overlooked by those who don’t perhaps know the finer details of our industry. One of the things I am most proud of as a home buyer in Charlotte is the difference we make to communities. We are helping not only the homeowners, but our work has a broader effect on the street, the neighborhood, the community, and, in turn, on the entire Charlotte area.


So, how do home buyers in Charlotte help to maintain a healthy local real estate market? Simple, we beautify neighborhoods by quickly taking care of the necessary costly repairs which are associated with the sale of a house. This means, friendly neighbor, that your house’s value won’t be affected by local eyesores and nearby dilapidated homes.


A normal part of my working day as a home buyer in Charlotte means visiting properties to make a note of the necessary repairs and renovations required to bring a home up to a saleable state. This often attracts a lot of interest from local neighbors, eager to learn what is happening to the house which has, quite often, sat vacant in a state of disrepair for years. Here’s a recent story which might resonate with your own situation…


Home Buyers in Charlotte

When I get approached by a friendly neighbor, they often ask about the role of home buyers in Charlotte, and want to know whether the home is going to be sold or rented out. An instance which springs to mind involved Anne, an enthusiastic neighbor who was eager to learn what was going on with the vacant house down the street. I explained to Anne that the home was going to be renovated and then sold. Her sheer enthusiasm for my work meant that we quickly became friends, and I was happy to keep her up to date on how on the process.


In the end, the house sold for a price which was above the current market value. Anne was delighted with this news, the ripple effect of our work had happened. We had made a positive effect on her street and her day-to-day life, but also had helped to raise the potential value of her own home.


Anne, the eternal optimist, loved the win-win situation which resulted from the work of home buyers in Charlotte. She referred us to a number of friends who had similar situations to hers, which resulted in the same warmth and friendship creating a simple and smooth house sale which was to the benefit of everyone involved.


Like a ripple on the water, home buyers in Charlotte are making the difference to neighborhoods by dealing with the forgotten properties, the ones that seemingly cannot be resolved. JMS Home Buyers have the solution for every different story imaginable in a world of individuals and individual circumstances.

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