Living the American Dream, We Buy Houses Fast for Cash

Everyone has their version of what the American Dream means for them and over time that dream can change based on life experiences and wisdom. I chose to change up my dream moving away from the corporate sales world into being an investor in the Charlotte market. I had seen those “We buy houses fast for cash” signs but never put any thought into it. And figured it was some sort of scam. There may be scammers out there.  But I have chosen to build a dream out of Buying Houses Fast for those who need to sell their home.


My grandparents and parents tell their stories of what it took to come up with the cash for the down payment on their home. And I have my own story of what it took to earn enough money to buy my first home and the hustle it took to make the mortgage payments, keep up with repairs, and eventually pay it off. In all the discussions regarding claiming the American Dream through homeownership no one ever pointed out the expenses related to that dream.


Living the American Dream, we buy houses fast with cash

For many those expenses can be overwhelming.  The mortgage payment doesn’t include free house repairs for the first 3 years.  And if a homeowner actually stays there for over 5 years they will face big out of pocket expenses because things just happen. Everything has a breaking point, new or old.


That is where my American dream now starts. I find homeowners who are dealing with the reality of maintaining a house. When the repairs begin to mount up and the monthly mortgage payment still needs to be meet, the so-called American dream can quickly change your life and not in a good way. Selling the home to move into a rental solves the problem of unexpected budgeting crises that come with ownership. But what if your home won’t sell or sell fast enough?


We buy homes fast for cash is exactly what home buyers like me do. We use cash to purchase homes that are in need a repairs and in locations that just aren’t attractive to home buyers. Let’s face it some neighborhoods just don’t have an upside and your house will sit on the market a very long time. And if your home is in need a repairs and hasn’t been updated buyers will look somewhere else.  These are the types of homes we can purchase and make the necessary repairs needed to make a profit on. We use cash to make these purchases for many reasons. But the one that makes the biggest difference for the seller is simple. We can close quickly.


When the dream you worked so hard to come by begins to cost you more than your earning potential there are options The best solution might be to unload the burden no matter what condition the house is. My dream job is buying those houses.

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