Stop Foreclosure Now: The One Small Step to Freedom


Stop Foreclosure Now: The One Small Step to Freedom


When we help a customer to


We’ve helped a lot of people to stop foreclosure in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. It isn’t the lack of solutions which causes months and months of inactivity, but it can take a long time before people are finally prepared to face the situation head-on, roll up their sleeves, and tackle the invisible ‘elephant in the room’.


Why didn’t I act sooner?”, people say, “I could have saved months of worry!”.


There are many articles that will tell you the steps you need to take to stop foreclosure and to sell your house fast, but we know these aren’t what people really need.


We know that in reality there is only one step you need to take to stop foreclosure: acceptance.


The unraveling of a person’s financial situation regarding their real estate can often be a torturous drama which plays out over an excruciating period of time. In most cases, there is ample time to deal with the problem, resulting in a better deal than if you wait until the problem escalates.


We know that people know this! The steps necessary to stop foreclosure aren’t difficult, but acceptance isn’t about understanding a negative situation.


Acceptance is about recognizing the reality of a negative situation.


Psychologists say all of us unavoidably enter the Cycle of Acceptance when forced to deal with very bad news. What differs in us all is the speed at which we work through it. The longer you are in the cycle, the less likely you will be able to resolve the problem wisely.


The quicker you accept the situation, the better off you will be.


We know it is a difficult position to be in, but when we say goodbye to customers we often see happy, relieved people. It is an end to one of the most challenging periods of a person’s life. They are often moving on with optimism for the future, and are amazed at just how effortlessly the process flows once 

they take the step to stop foreclosure.   

We buy houses and stop foreclosure


Things can only get better!”, they say.


We call it the happiness of acceptance.


The steps you need to take to sell your home and stop foreclosure are quite simple. If you are ready, call us and we will arm you with everything you need to make the decision which best suits your interests.



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