Stop Foreclosure Today – Selling your House when in Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure Today – Selling your House when in Foreclosure
In the turbulent tides of the present-day real estate market, it is increasingly common for people’s homes to go into foreclosure. Looking at market data for October 2016: 1 out of every 1168 homes in North Carolina are in foreclosure. Charlotte’s foreclosure rate is even higher, with one in every 784 homes currently in the foreclosure process.

After three mortgage payments are missed, it is surprising how quickly the pressure of a foreclosure can take over your entire life. You have to remember that this is happening to a lot of people, and so there are things you can do to stop foreclosure today.

There are currently 1,906 homes in foreclosure in the Charlotte area. 32% of these homes are still in pre-foreclosure, giving the owners a chance to get out before their house goes to auction. All’s not lost. There is still a solution to stop foreclosure today, meaning you can avoid having your house repossessed. Here’s what you can do:

Sell Your House – Fast
If your lender issues a Notice of Default, they should consider any offers you get from a potential buyer. In the uncertain, softened real estate market, an offer could save the lender valuable time, effort, and money when faced with the prospect of having to find their own buyer. Of course, this has to be done before your house is scheduled for auction.

We pay cash for houses, and can put an offer in your hands in next to no time. Get an offer from us – speak to your lender. There’s a strong chance they will be reasonable and work with you to get a resolution which could stop foreclosure today.

File for Bankruptcy
Once a person goes bankrupt, all debt collection activities must cease. This is known as an “automatic stay”. Of course, this includes your mortgage lender, so bankruptcy will effectively freeze the process. Having said that, it should be noted that this is just a temporary solution to stop foreclosure today. The debt is frozen, not wiped out. Your mortgage company and other creditors will work to create a payment plan which gives you time to get back on track, however, your lender may seek permission from the court to have the stay lifted, reinstating their right to chase you for the debt.

Deed in Lieu
A deed in lieu is where you voluntarily sign the deeds of your home to the lender. Whilst this sounds like a quick way to stop foreclosure today, unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Lenders can be reluctant to accept a home through deed in lieu, as they have to pay off other equity lines of credit on the house and potentially put themselves in a situation where a disgruntled homeowner could try to sue. You don’t know until you ask, talk to your lender, they might say yes and stop foreclosure today!

Stop Foreclosure Today in the Charlotte Area
JMS Homebuyers will make you a cash offer on your house, giving you a very quick solution to stop foreclosure today. October 2016 statistics show 1 in every 816 homes in Mecklenburg County go into foreclosure. The 28273 Zip Code of Steele Creek has a foreclosure rate of 1 in every 517 homes, and with 77 homes currently in the process, isn’t it time you called us and took the step the stop foreclosure today?

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