Charlotte and College Football the perfect mix for fall.

There is something special about Charlotte North Carolina in the fall. Maybe it’s the change in the weather? The fall colors everyone anticipates? Or could it be something else?  I say it is College Football!
Charlotte North Carolina Football

For me college football is the official start to the fall even though games are played in 90 degree weather and you need sunscreen to keep from getting a beach like sun burn. Charlotte football fans don’t have far to travel to attend their favorite teams. UNC Charlotte 49er’s play right here in Charlotte. We have UNCC, NC State and Duke in the Raleigh Durham area.  And Wake Forest just down the interstate. I make the trip down to Clemson South Carolina to watch the Clemson Tigers.

Charlotte North Carolina

For those that don’t travel on game day it often starts with ESPN College Sports day and learning more about the day’s match ups. Flipping back and forth between the sports show trying to catch the talking heads comments about your favorite team and high light reels from the last victory. Charlotte neighborhoods are filled with garages that display multiple flat screens hung on the wall providing the most demanding fan a never ending stream of live action and replays from the day’s biggest plays. The home game day experience has become part of the family budget.

 Charlotte North Carolina Football

Weather in Charlotte for the fall season is mild and perfect for enjoying games out side. Neighbors will gather outside around the tv that has been relocated on the patio. Families get together with their kids and their dogs and enjoy the beautiful weather together while cheering when their team scores. And we pray they score often.  Halftime is the big event kids wait for. They get a game of catch with their dad and dream about being a football player for their Charlotte high school someday. The Charlotte Panthers players are local heroes and are well know here in Charlotte. Every kid looks up to them and wears their jersey with pride.

The fall in Charlotte North Carolina is more than just football.  But it sure does bring family and friends together making it a special time of the year.

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