Charlotte’s Dog Friendly Restaurants Know it’s Just Good Family Fun


When I get an opportunity to enjoy dinner with family it is automatic that I am brining my pup, Storm. And on a nice evening when friends get together for a dinner out we pick the dog friendly places.  Charlotte is as friendly to dogs as it is to new comers who have migrated from the north. We are a community that values family, friends, and our dogs.

Charlotte’s dog friendly restaurants are popular because who doesn’t feel good when “man’s best friend” is there  making every stranger feel loved and welcomed. Let’s face it. It can be an average restaurant with average food but if you have had a great time talking and laughing with friends you don’t remember the food. You remember the experience and feel great about sharing it with your dog.

Charlotte is not lacking in variety when it comes to types of restaurants that welcome you and your pup.  Phat Burrito  in Dilworth, This is a great outdoor area for families of all ages to get out and enjoy our beautiful community. When you have a well behaved dog that can sit with you over the course of dinner and good conversation life just doesn’t get any better.

Should you not have a well behaved dog Charlotte offers excellent dog training options such as 

Charlotte is known as a friendly community. I believe our dog friendly attitude has made all the difference in the world.