It doesn’t matter where you live. You will experience a sense of community anywhere people call home. Those who call Charlotte home know community happens at the neighborhood pools located in the center of the community. The neighborhood pool from May to September is where people  go to cool off and have fun and just relax with family and friends. It the local watering hole where everyone gathers to get caught up on local news. Charlotte’s neighborhood pools foster community and good old fashion summer fun.

Some people set off to the community pool to relax and do some summer reading. That is if you can read amid kids playing water games, having cannon ball contests, and dads throwing their children in the air over and over till their arms give out. “Daddy, daddy, again do it again,” is heard throughout the day as families splash around laughing and having fun.

The neighborhood pool is the place people come together. You might be  a Clemson fan, UNC Charlotte alumni or bless your heart, a Carolina Game Cock fan. At the community pool we are all in agreement that we live in a beautiful neighborhood and Charlotte is a great place to live work and play. We may choose to wear a different jersey this fall but at the community pool we represent our neighborhood. Everyone is united in our appreciation for our neighbors that make this a great place to live and belong. There is a sense of pride that we get to call this our home. Everyone agrees that Charlotte is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Getting to do that around the pool in the summer is just one of the many perks of living in the south.

Charlotte is a melting pot of people. You will find that very few neighbors are from Charlotte. Families choose to move to Charlotte partly for the weather and often because their employer relocated jobs to North Carolina. With all our different backgrounds and up bringing we create community that is inviting to all. Everyone is so different. And that is why it is enjoyable to be around. The laughter and sharing stories of where they come from keep things interesting and engaging. Spending a few hours relaxing poolside and learning more about your neighbors and their experiences makes you realize how different but the same we can all be.

As people continue to migrate to Charlotte for job opportunities they quickly realize this is a beautiful place to live. Before they arrive they are trying to determine what are the best Charlotte suburbs for families. It might be a good idea to choose a neighborhood with a community pool. It’s just another fun way to meet your neighbors and make friends this summer.

Lancaster South Carolina