Charlotte North Carolina is home to Elevation Church who recently celebrated their 10 year anniversary by having a Code Orange Revival.  Code Orange Revival was 10 nights of worship and celebration that brought in guest bible teachers such as Joyce Meyers, Christine Caine, Pastor Craig Groeschel, and Pastor John Gray. If you weren’t able to get to one of Elevation’s 12 locations the event was also available on line through YouTube, Facebook or the Elevation App. The on line audience grew to over 100,000.

Charlotte is home to 9 of the 12 locations. Visitors came from all parts of the country and from around the globe to be part of Code Orange Revival. But that can be on any given Sunday that people make Charlotte part of their vacation plans. Why do people want to come and stand in line to get into a worship service? They come to see what God wants to do through them. It starts in the parking lot when you are greeted by volunteers that are there to help with parking. As you walk on campus there is no escaping the friendly atmosphere. People are expecting to experience God and be encouraged.

Elevation Church Charlotte NC

Pastor Steven Furtick’s teaching and sermons bring in a cross generational, racial, ethnic, and denominational background of people. It is evident that Pastor Steven’s sermon preparation is more then hard work, passion and determination. The Word of God that is preached is nothing short of God’s choosing to use Pastor Steven to reach people.

Charlotte is home to hundreds of great churches. But there is something unique about Elevation that has put it on the map. Pastor Steven’s leadership and preaching are building up a community of people that believe their best days are ahead of them. It is a movement of God that is reaching beyond Charlotte and impacting people around the world. The vision is to reach 100,000 people for Christ. I have been part of the Elevation movement since 2007.  That first worship experience changed the way I had come to know “church.” I was ready for something more and I found it. I had the faith to launch JMS Home Buyers and help in Charlotte with sell their unwanted homes because of the preaching of Pastor Steven Furtick and the community at Elevation.

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