When the sun is out and you want to take advantage of Charlotte’s beauty why not  Make it a Greenway Day?

The Greenway offers  over 37 miles developed miles you can choose to bike ride, walk, roller blade or jog. And if you need more than 37 miles you can push on and cover 150 miles of undeveloped greenway. My favorites are riding my bike and taking the dogs out of a long walk. The parks and greenways in our region are busy year round because of the wonderful weather we have in the Carolinas.


Riding my bike along the Lower McAlpine trail can sometimes feel like a busy highway depending on the time of you get out to ride. Saturday morning joggers and running groups have water stations fully supplied as they go back and forth between the Bevington Pl and Johnston Rd parking entrances in South Charlotte. The communities of runners are building up endurance and friendships that will last a life time. The greenway serves our city well providing fun safe places to be out with friends exercising. The Greenway properties promote healthy lifestyles and our environment. They are protecting water quality and nature.



Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation do a great job in planning, protecting and developing the greenways. Extending beyond Mecklenburg County is the Carolina Thread Trail. The Carolina Thread Trail reaches 15 counties and 2.3 million citizens through a network of paths and trails. Bike rides, hikes and walk events are often provided free and open to the public. The Queen City Joy ride is a guided ride along the Little Sugar Creek greenway providing opportunities to stop and get to know the area. It is an easy 8 mile stretch great for families to get out and enjoy the beauty of North Carolina.

Greenway Dog Walk

Consider taking advantage of that pretty day by spending it outside and appreciating the greenway. We live in a great Country blessed with beautiful cities.

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