Pineville, North Carolina:More than two dozen historic sites and most of us just thought of Pineville as a place for shopping. 


Most people living in North Carolina is fully aware of the rich history of this region and most of them have visited at least a couple of the 27 unique state history excites which has really been instrumental in helping people to understand what has happened in this region in the past 200 years. However it is not only local residents which are amazed by the rich history of this region, but there are also thousands of people who pass through this region annually and who are likewise amazed by the historical value of this region. Most people will never have a complete grasp of the influence of North Carolina on the US until they have come to understand the historical value. There is the Alamance Battleground where back country farmers were involved in an armed rebellion with William Tryon and his troops and one of the primary reasons for this conflict was the growing resentment against the system of taxation and several other illegal fees which was imposed by the British Crown.

The birthplace of a US president


The 11th President of the US, James K Polk was born in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina. However in later years he relocated to Tennessee and he became a representative of that state.

19th century --- President James K. Polk, (1795-1849). An illustrated half-length portrait from a daguerrotype by Matthew Brady. Undated illustration. --- Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS

He was also the 13th speaker of the house and he was the only speaker to become president. Back in 1844 he was considered as a surprise candidate for the presidency. Polk was also the Commander-in-Chief during the American Mexican war which resulted because of a dispute about Texas. He even threatened the UK with war about the issue of ownership over Oregon County which led to a settlement with the United Kingdom. He has made a promise upon taking office that he would serve for only one turn and he honored that promise, where after he returned to Tennessee. Sadly only three months later he died of cholera. His popularity as a US president resulted from its ability to obtain all of the objectives on his presidential agenda. He has been one of the most effective leaders of the US.

Expansion of Pineville


This sleepy little town was eventually woken up with the opening of Interstate 485. This allowed for connections with most of the important highways in the area which has really allowed Pineville to experience a very rapid growth in a relatively short time. This town now has one of the largest shopping districts in the Carolinas.  If it wasn’t for the fact that Pineville was sandwiched which between the state line and Charlotte it would certainly have been a lot bigger. This resulted in a very large retail industry, but this also had the effect that the residential areas have shrunk but since 2000 this trend have been reversed and this is substantiated by statistics which clearly showed that the population has double in only 10 years. Between seven and 8000 people is now calling Pineville home. Although the home of Pres. Polk is no longer standing, an original cabin from that time has been erected which is similar to the one in which he was born.






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