Rock Hill South Carolina officials and developers have created multiple sports venues that support family values such as teamwork and unity. To build a prosperous and thriving city you need to encourage and engage with families who want to live and visit. Rock Hill South Carolina has excelled in providing entertainment and development for families that are sports enthusiasts.  Rock Hill South Carolina is a great place to raise a family.

The Rock Hill Sorts Complex and Events center is a 17,000 sq. Ft facility constructed to host sporting events and conferences.  The complex will host school athletic departments and tournaments for basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. Teamwork is on full display when athletes are competition but it’s the teamwork during the grind that builds character. On and off the court athletics push each other to excel in physical endurance and mental focus. And the teamwork work ethic doesn’t just play out during practice but also in the home. Families balancing work schedules, practices, and responsibilities to one another are also part of the process. When people a successful athlete, they  witness the results of teamwork at home.  

Unity is at the core of every growing city. The addition of the Rock Hill BMX Supercross Track brought over 48 countries and 3700 riders together in 2017 for the BMX World Championships. Spectator’s in the stands watching the racers celebrated every country’s best rider.  And competitors enjoyed the comradery of having riders from all over the world come together to enjoy the sport they love. There is only one winner in a race but it’s the coming together of everyone that makes the race exciting.  

When residents experience unity amongst themselves and in the community, they are more likely to excel in all areas of life. By choosing to enhance recreation and sports venues the City of Rock Hill has laid a foundation of unity and teamwork that families will continue to benefit from for generations to come.  Business will continue to seek new opportunities and add jobs in and around York County South Carolina. School districts will benefit from increased budgets and the City of Rock Hill will have funds to provide the services growing cities require.  

City of Rock Hill South Carolina
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