When costly repairs are beyond your budget the time to act is now.

Costly Repairs Act Now

We were raised to believe that the American dream included owning a home. The dream home location and style may vary but the dream is home ownership and we called it the best investment we could make. But our homes are not investments they are expenses that require monthly, check-ups and repairs. And when those repairs are left undone long enough home owners face tuff decisions. Costly decisions.


For those who are blessed to make it to retirement and find themselves on a fixed income routine home maintenance can become a burden. Roof repairs, air conditioning and heating, and pluming don’t all need attention the same month or even the same year. Over time these are big tickets items that require us to take action on when they break.


When things begin to break due to age or just because things break they tend to come all at once. The snow ball effect brings us to the reality that we can become house poor in New York Minute. Just because you paid off the house and don’t have a mortgage to pay every month you still have expenses that come at unexpected times.


If you are faced with taking on debt to cover costly repairs it may be time to consider selling your home. Older homes in Charlotte with costly repairs have value. You can cash out before you are left without equity and find things going from bad to worse.  When repairs are not taken care of over time more damage can be done and the repair costs increase. Taking action and solving the problems will bring you peace of mind and save you money.



This is often the response when someone suggests selling the home because the repairs are beyond their budget. Homeowners that action can cash out. Selling your house when you have equity now puts you in position so that you can relocate. The longer repairs are left undone the more your house loses value. Acting today puts you in a position of strength in solving the problem. And one day closer to no longer being stressed out about your homes costly repairs.


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