Divorce and selling house fastHomeowners in the middle of a divorce that need to sell their house fast have a simple solution. It is a phone call away.

“Sell your house fast in Charlotte” can be simple.

We buy houses in Charlotte but there is more to it then that. We solve problems and help homeowners know their options. Listing the home, renting out the home, or just walking away and allowing foreclosure to take place are not the only options. You can sell your house fast and at a fair price.

Are you considered that the home needs repairs and updates? Can yo afford to wait for a buyer? Do you need the cash from this house to allow you to relocate?  We are buying homes in any condition and at any price. There is a simple way to selling a house. With a quick phone call we can provide you a no obligation fair  cash offer. There are no sales commissions or closing costs.

We are local to Charlotte and will respond immediately to your call. There are few questions that we will ask about the condition of the home and what your timeline needs to be for closing. In order to sell your house fast you need a buyer. We will walk through the property and provide our best and highest offer to purchase the home.

We provide sellers going through divorce a hassle free way to sell their home. Give us a call or email today.

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