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Does it seem like the bank’s loan modification program was designed for everyone but you?  In most cases you can stop foreclosure if you act quickly. You could be a phone call away from paying off your lender and moving beyond the stress of financial dept.    Stop Foreclosure

The first step is determining what we can offer you on the house. Let’s have a conversation about the condition of your home and what repairs if any are needed. We will give you a quick offer today. There are no obligations. We are prepared to give you an offer over the phone and put it in writing as a sight unseen offer. The next step will be scheduling a walk through inspection.

We will work with your bank lender and the attorney handling the foreclosure to notify them immediately you have a closing date and will be meeting the finical obligations to stop foreclosure.

You can sell your house fast in Charlotte and stop foreclosure. It is possible.Do you have a sale date? There still could be time to sell your house and pay off the dept. When you sell your house to a cash buyer things happen fast.  We are not waiting on a bank for financing. And we have great relationships with real estate attorneys that are prepared to work the process quickly. JMS Home Buyers manages the closing process for you and we pay the closing costs. You pay no sales commissions and no closing costs. 

You can move beyond the stress of missing house payments and stop foreclosure or avoid it all together.  Taking action today will save you time and money.  You don’t have to research expert tips to sell your house fast. It’s a simple quick process when you work with JMS Home Buyers. We are buying homes in Charlotte and want to help.

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Stop Foreclosure: Small Steps to Freedom