Transition to Senior Living and Selling the House

Life transitions related to aging may require downsizing and simplifying our daily tasks. Families having this discussion may feel overwhelmed at the thought of making changes to living arrangements. Sometimes this means it is time to sell the house. Selling your home and moving in with a family member or to a senior living community is not an easy decision to make. Everyone is dealing with a stressful situation when you begin to examine the accumulation of personal belongings and the costs related to cleaning out a home to get it ready to sell. 

We simplify the selling process for seniors and their families by buying the home “as-is.” There are no requirements for cleaning out the home after personal items have been removed. We do not ask for any repairs to be made before closing.  JMS Home Buyers is a home buying service company for people seeking a hassle free solution to selling.

You choose the closing date. It is that simple. There are no inspections or appraisals to wait on. We work around your family’s schedule so you can focus on what matters most, your health and well-being.  

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