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Hi, I’m Jody, with JMS Home Buyers LLC. We buy houses in Charlotte. It sounds very simple. And it is. But the problems around unwanted property are not. Homeowners dealing with a house that won’t sell because of the condition or location can quickly become overwhelmed by the financial burden. We buy homes  that need to be updated and repaired. We understand  that our cash offer must also ease the financial burden that the house is placing on the homeowner. This is where working with a local company is helpful. We can meet with you immediately and determine if a cash offer is best for you.

We are cash buyers that can close quickly and work through your unique situations.

We buy homes in probate

JMS Home Buyers is a real estate solutions company based out of Charlotte.  JMS Home Buyers is a  family owned business focused on helping people with distressed property in difficult situations.

If JMS Home Buyers can’t help we will refer you to someone who can. We are building out our network of associates everyday. This means you get results when you call us. I have been serving customers for over 20 years and know the key is “people do business with people.”  We buy houses in Charlotte and can respond immediately because we leverage our strengths and relationships here in the community.

How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how this works when we say, “We Buy Houses,” please call.  A quick phone call is all it takes to learn more about us, the process, and why we Buy Homes in Charlotte.


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