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JMS Home Buyers is a local home buying service company. There are numerous reasons why homeowners request  a simple solution to selling a house.  There is no “one size fits” all approach to buying houses.  Your situation is unique to you and your family. 

We Buy Homes in Charlotte

We buy houses with cash. This allows us to close quickly without the traditional delays associated with listing your home, inspections, appraisals, or bank loan processes. Are dealing with changes in your life that require you sell the house? Do you want to take control of selling your home on the date you choose so? 

How does the process work?
  • Tell us about your property.
  • Schedule a time to see the house.
  • Present a cash offer to buy the house.
  • Schedule closing with real estate attorney on the date you decide.

Once you have accepted our cash offer it is a simple 2 page agreement that is signed and submitted to the real estate attorney for closing. The contract states that the seller is not paying closing costs and the home is being sold as. JMS Home Buyers will pay the closing costs.

Within the next 10 days the real estate attorney will complete the title work. The cash we use to purchase your home will be sent to the attorney’s office prior to closing and they will release the funds after documents have been signed. The attorney will ensure all paper work is completed and filed at the court house. We will call and keep you informed through out the process. We know you are depending on us to keep our word and close on time.

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