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Selling your Inherited house can be a challenging process, often leaving you feeling overwhelmed. The tasks involved in selling your inherited house, from researching the market value to dealing with legal paperwork, can seem daunting. The house may come with additional expenses related to maintenance, taxes, loans, or monthly mortgage payments, adding to your stress. 

At JMS Home Buyers, we understand these challenges and are here to provide a solution. We work with families who want to sell their inherited house while it is in probate, offering a quick and hassle-free alternative to traditional home sales.

Simplifying the Selling Process

JMS Home Buyers is not just offering to buy your inherited house for cash; we’re offering a hassle-free solution. Regardless of its condition, we’ll purchase the house as it is, allowing you to remove any belongings you want, and we’ll handle the rest. Our team will work with you to ensure the safe and respectful removal of your personal items. As we are not agents who list homes, there is no need for you to clean out the property or prepare it for showing. We simplify the process for you and your family, making it quick, easy, and stress-free, saving you time and effort. 

Managing the Probate Process

Inheriting a house can be sudden and overwhelming, and managing the probate process and preparing the house for the market can be challenging, especially when you have other commitments. However, selling your inherited househouse can be a simple process. At JMS Home Buyers, we believe in making selling your inherited house quick and efficient so you can move on with your life.

The first step in this process is to have a conversation with us to understand what you need to accomplish and when you need to have the home sold. We have established strong relationships with real estate attorneys experienced in handling the probate process quickly and efficiently, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for you.

Expert Closing Managment

At JMS Home Buyers, we manage the closing process for you, and we pay the closing costs. This means you don’t have to worry about any additional expenses or paperwork. Regardless of the situation you find yourself in after inheriting a house, understanding all of your options can help make the process smoother. Therefore, feel free to call us today to discuss your situation and sell on your terms, benefiting from our expertise and comprehensive services. 704-707-6016

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