There are various reasons a house will sit vacant for months to years on end. A vacant house on any block can quickly become a nuisance to neighbors and homeowners trying to sell their house. If you are the owner of a vacant house and have decided it is time to sell but are unsure on how to sell your house quickly, we may have the solution. Selling a vacant house in a timely manner can prevent unwanted problems such as vandalism and code violations from the city.

Vacant houses may or may not be showing level of deterioration that is happening from under and within the home. Black mold is very common and will grow on walls and within the furniture that has been left in the house.  JMS Home Buyers will purchase the house as is so there is no need to pay someone to remove these items and clean out the house such that it meets Covid-19 cleaning requirements.  

We recognize that once you have determined it is time to sell the house you will want to close quickly. Often insurance companies are no longer providing coverage because the policy does not cover a vacant house. Then there is the constant concern in Charlotte of having squatters gain access to the house. JMS Home Buyers will ensure that we close quickly within a matter days of having the title search completed.  

Vacant houses in Chester for example, that have been inherited may need further legal assistance due to title issues. Our network of professional real estate attorneys is available to assist with selling a home in probate. They will ensure that your real estate transaction is handled correctly.  

When buying a vacant house we will meet with you at the property or make arrangements to have access to the home. We will make a cash offer based on the condition of the home that includes paying your closing costs. There are no real estate commissions or hidden fees. JMS Home Buyers has simplified the steps you have to take in selling a vacant house. There is no need to wait for a buyer. We have the ability to buy the house at a fair price and give you cash for your home.


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