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Selling your home in probate can be a complicated and stressful process. We buy houses in probate as-is for cash. Selling your home in probate doesn’t have to be daunting – with the right support network in place, you’ll get your property sold successfully with minimal hassle.JMS Home Buyers sends out post cards to home owners advertising we are a local company that buys homes in any condition. And because we are using cash we can close quickly based on the seller’s timeline and needs. Earlier this month we helped  a customer get through the probate process to free up her husband’s estate. This was property she needed to sell. We made things simple and fast. We can buy homes in probate.

One of our postcards showed up in a mailbox of a homeowner  in Lancaster South Carolina who was trying to get their home out of probate. Her husband had passed away over 6 months ago. She had filed the estate with the county and was now having to go through probate. The family did not have the money to hire an attorney to help with the probate steps. They were doing the best they could to understand the process and fill out the necessary paper work. Their Lancaster County  website was extremely helpful in explaining the probate process and providing the applications required.  All they really wanted to do was sell the house.  They were stuck in probate because of a lien on the property due to a credit card. The amount owed on the credit card was more than they could afford. They didn’t have the cash to pay it off. They tried getting the bill reduced to something more manageable but were not making any progress with the creditor.

The home owner called us after receiving the post card and explained they wanted to sell but were not able to. The property was sitting vacant and they needed to sell. Family members took turns running back and forth to check in on the house and keep up the yard. They were tired of having to keep up the house. We buy houses in probate And they were concerned that the longer the house was vacant the more repairs they could possibly face. I completely understood and explained that there was indeed a way to sell the home while in probate. We buy homes in probate.

The home owner was concerned that with her family’s busy schedule she didn’t know when she could get a ride out to meet at the house. I explained that all she needed to do was tell me when to be there. We are local and can meet anytime.  The meeting was set up within days and we were able to access the “as is” value of the home and make our offer. I explained that I was not a real estate agent and was not wanting to list the house. I wanted to buy it. The offer I made was to buy the house, pay the closing costs, and in this case asset with probate.

But how was she going to be able to sell the house with it stuck in probate? I explained that the real estate attorney we do business with is also a probate attorney for this state. JMS Home Buyers pays the closing costs and in this case we will pay the attorney’s fee associated with closing out probate. We were able to give her a closing date within 10 days.

What she was able to do next was take that date with her attorney’s information and request a  reduction on that credit card bill stating she would pay off the loan by a certain date. The credit card holder reduced the amount by almost half and faxed the new payoff to the attorney’s office.

We not only buy homes but we help solve problems. The real estate attorneys we partner with are selected because of resources and staff they provide our customers. Trimnal & Myers Attorneys LLC, work with our sellers to ensure a simple fast closing. They are there to help explain things and ensure paper work is done correctly. Every time a customer thanks me for making this a simple process I am quick to point out the paralegal that managed the close is the real hero. I thank them for reading the post card and making the call. If they hadn’t of called after receiving the post card we wouldn’t have been able to help.

We can buy your the home that is in probate. You do not have to wait out the entire process to be free from the burden. Call today. 704-707-6016

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