Sell your house Fast in Charlotte: Ultimate Guide

Are you looking to sell your house fast in Charlotte? It can be a difficult and overwhelming process to figure out the best way to go about selling your home. Selling your house fast in Charlotte requires a clear strategy as the market changes. We’ll cover everything from start to finish for how to sell … Continued

Selling Your Home? Get a Home Inspection!

Selling your home can be a stressful and time-consuming process. From getting the repairs done to dealing with the buyer’s requests, the whole experience can be overwhelming. There are so many different aspects of selling a home that it’s easy to become overwhelmed. It can be hard to know what to prioritize and even how … Continued

Tired Landlords Tell Us Why They Want to Sell

We all know that being a landlord can be tough. You’re constantly having to deal with repairs, late rent payments, and unruly tenants. But sometimes, it can all be too much. We talked to three different landlords who are all looking to sell their properties, and they had some interesting things to say about why … Continued

You’re not alone: How to avoid foreclosure.

Foreclosure can be a daunting and challenging experience when faced with the possibility of losing your home. However, you should not give up hope as foreclosure is often preventable if you take quick action and know what resources are available to you.  It’s important to be aware of the signs of foreclosure. ure so that … Continued

Selling an Inherited House for Cash

JMS Home Buyers works with families that have decided selling an inherited house for cash is the best choice for them. Inheriting a house can be overwhelming and the process confusing. There are many decisions to make regarding the inheritance. Should they keep the house as a rental property, sell the home with a listing … Continued

How fast will they foreclose on my house?

Banks will foreclose on your house after you’ve missed four consecutive payments. How fast they foreclose on your house can take as little as three months to complete if everything goes smoothly. If you are facing foreclosure the question of how fast can they foreclosure can be replaced with how do I prevent foreclosure? What … Continued

Cash for my house: Will I get a fair cash offer?

It may sound too good to be true. A post card arrives in the mail that reads, “Sell your house as is, get a fair cash offer and close in 10 days.”  Depending the condition of your home that cash offer will either be the golden ticket for a quick sale or the motivation to … Continued

We Buy Houses. When Not to Call “those guys.”

Investors use bandit signs posted along the road and intersections in town that read, We Buy Houses for Cash. You probably have never noticed those signs until it happened to you. The moment when you are dealing with a house you need to sell quick and free up some cash. So how do you know … Continued