Rental Property Headaches? Home Buyers’ Cash Sales Simplified

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Owning a rental property in Rock Hill, SC, can be unpredictable, and unforeseen challenges can quickly turn a promising investment into stress and frustration. For instance, our recent customer was dealing with tenant issues and damage to their rental property. Many landlords dread this scenario, but fortunately, JMS Home Buyers specializes in solving real estate problems in the Rock Hill, SC, area.

In this blog post, we share a customer success story involving bad tenants, costly repairs, and how a cash offer lets them avoid the eviction process.

Problem with Tenants

The family’s decision to provide affordable housing to their friends as tenants soon became a frustrating experience. The tenants were not paying rent and neglected the property and sublet rooms without the family’s knowledge. The result was significant damage to the rental property and financial strain. They needed to evict the tenants but were overwhelmed by the process and didn’t want to deal with it any longer. 

Evicting tenants who fail to pay rent can be challenging for landlords. This is where JMS home Buyers’ local investor experience comes in. This process can lead to prolonged legal battles and financial strain. The main difficulties associated with this process include understanding the eviction laws and procedures. They vary by state and can be complex and time-consuming. Landlords must adhere to strict guidelines and timelines, as any misstep could result in delays or even dismissal of the eviction case. Tenants have legal rights that protect them from arbitrary eviction, and evicting non-paying tenants is a complex and costly process that can involve court proceedings, tenant resistance, and financial losses for landlords. 

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Selling for Cash

Faced with numerous challenges regarding their rental property, the family sought a solution that would provide them with simplicity, speed, and certainty. They found what they were looking for in JMS Home Buyers, a Rock Hill, SC, home buyer that offers simple solutions in the unpredictable world of real estate transactions.

Local Cash Home Buyers: Meet JMS Home Buyers

JMS Home Buyers is a local real estate investment company founded in 2017. We help homeowners in Rock Hill with burdensome rental property or unwanted houses. We specialize in buying houses and focus on three key areas: wholesaling, rehabbing, and rental properties. Our extensive network of professional attorneys ensures a smooth and efficient closing process, handling all the necessary paperwork, including a thorough title search. This frees you from the stress of legal complexities.

Benefits of Selling for Cash

The cash offer from JMS Home Buyers proved to be a godsend for the family, providing them with a hassle-free solution to sell their home without the burdensome process of eviction. By selling the house as is for cash, the family avoided legal procedures and potential conflicts associated with evicting non-paying tenants. JMS Home Buyers’ streamlined approach meant that the family didn’t have to worry about arranging showings of the property to prospective buyers, sparing them the hassle of arranging these appointments around the tenants’ schedules.

Moreover, the benefits of the cash offer extended beyond convenience to financial relief. Unlike traditional real estate transactions, where sellers often have inspections, appraisals, closing costs, and commissions to pay, the family enjoyed a straightforward transaction with no out-of-pocket expenses. With JMS Home Buyers, there were no surprise fees or deductions, allowing the family to retain the total proceeds from the sale of their home. 

We earn 5-star reviews from customers because we understand that each situation is unique, every home has its challenges, and we follow through on what we say we will do. Our customer review says it best, “I called JMS Home Buyers for a cash offer on a rental we had in Rock Hill. Jody made the selling process very simple, and we closed within three weeks. Everything went smooth, and there were no surprises.”

Selling a House Fast

The family’s positive experience highlights the key benefits of selling a rental property for cash, especially when facing challenges like bad tenants. By selling their property for cash to JMS Home Buyers, they were able to avoid the complexities of eviction, eliminate the need for showings, and bypass closing costs and commissions.

The family had a remarkably straightforward and hassle-free experience selling their home to JMS Home Buyers. The process started with a simple purchase agreement outlining the transaction’s terms. JMS Home Buyers submitted the deal to a local closing attorney in Rock Hill, who facilitated a smooth closing process, ensuring all necessary paperwork was completed accurately and efficiently. Our access to hard money lenders also allows us to close deals quickly, even in complex situations.

The entire title search process was completed within three weeks, a testament to the efficiency and professionalism of both JMS Home Buyers and the closing attorney. The family chose a closing date and time that was convenient to their schedule. On the closing day, the family signed the necessary documents and walked out of the attorney’s office with a check in hand in less than 30 minutes from start to finish.


The family had rented out their property to tenants who didn’t pay and caused damage to the home. As a result, the condition of the property worsened over time. They decided it was time to sell the property and contacted JMS Home Buyers. Initially, the family rented out their property to friends, but it became a financial burden due to tenant troubles. Despite the chaos, JMS Home Buyers gave the family unwavering support and hope.

JMS Home Buyers provided a simple way to sell their rental property in Rock Hill, SC, and solved the problem. By selling their rental property for cash, the family bypassed the complexities of tenant eviction, eliminated the need for property showings, and avoided the financial strain of closing costs and commissions. The efficiency of JMS Home Buyers was remarkable, and the family received their cash proceeds within just 15 days, a testament to the dedication and professionalism of the company.

To our readers facing similar rental property challenges in Rock Hill, SC, we encourage you to consider the benefits of selling for cash through reputable companies like JMS Home Buyers. Embrace the ease, convenience, and peace of mind that come with a streamlined transaction, and embark on a journey towards liberation from rental headaches. With JMS Home Buyers by your side, relief is within reach, and a brighter future awaits. If you would like more information about the benefits of using a Rock Hill, SC, real estate investor to sell a rental property quickly, please call 704-707-6016 or contact us at We would love to meet with you and help with those landlord headaches.

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