The 5 Most Difficult Situations Homeowners Face When Selling a House in Kannapolis

Selling a house quickly in Kannapolis can be stressful if you deal with an older home and focus on something other than buying and selling houses. Anytime you need to sell a house fast, you’ll have challenges, but there are situations where you feel you are the only one facing the dreaded task of selling a house. Here is our top 5 list of homeowners’ most difficult situations when selling a house in Kannapolis. Learn how to sell your house fast, regardless of your situation. You are not alone. You are in good company.

1. A Unique Property

living room with walls made from sub flooring

Every home possesses its distinct character and history. Older homes, in particular, have a certain charm and can be as unique as the family that constructed them. In the past, homeowners were more likely to expand their homes to make them more comfortable for their growing families. This practice was practical and affordable, especially when the homeowners did the additions themselves. However, the work was rarely permitted, making it more expensive for the next remodeling round.

Cash home buyers are familar with making cash offers on lots of unique properties. Single-wide mobile homes with expansions are some of the most interesting ways people will adapt their home to fit their growing needs. We recently helped a homeowner sell their house that had used sub-flooring for the walls when constructing the new living room addition. Selling a house with walls made of sub-flooring and not sheetrock can be difficult. While these properties may appeal to some buyers, they can also be more challenging to sell. Not every home buyer wil appreciate the style.

To surpass style preferences and personal taste, homeowners can engage the services of a professional home stager to highlight the distinctive attributes of their property when putting it up for sale. These experts can offer invaluable recommendations that cater to a wider audience, ensuring that the house is sold at the optimal price.

Potential benefits of using a professional stager:

  • Selling a house faster: Studies by the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA) and NAR found that staged homes sell on average 88% faster than non-staged homes. This translates to less time on the market and potentially lower holding costs.
  • Higher selling price: RESA also reported that staged homes typically sell for 5-20% more than non-staged homes. This could translate to thousands of dollars depending on your home’s value.
  • Improved buyer appeal: Staged homes create a more inviting and neutral atmosphere, allowing potential buyers to envision themselves living in the space. This can lead to more offers and potentially higher bids.
  • Reduced negotiation leverage: A well-staged home presents buyers with a clear vision of the property’s potential, potentially reducing their need for major renovations and minimizing negotiation leverage.

2. A Property with Structural Issues

Selling a house in Kannapolis with structural issues is a standard challenge homeowners face. The problem is particularly prevalent in older mill houses built in the 1940s and 1950s, often impacted by red clay’s long-term consequences.

One of the most common foundation issues caused by the red clay in Kannapolis is expansive soil movement. This occurs because red clay has unique properties that make it shrink and swell significantly with changes in moisture content. Here’s a breakdown:


  • Red clay absorbs water easily, expanding in volume when saturated. During heavy rains or floods, the clay swells, putting pressure on foundations.
  • Conversely, during dry periods, the clay shrinks and cracks, leaving gaps around the foundation that allows water to seep in during the next rain event, perpetuating the cycle.


  • Cracks in foundation walls and floor slabs: These can be cosmetic or indicate structural damage needing repair.
  • Uneven floors and doors that stick: Unevenness results from shifting foundations, making doors and windows difficult to open and close.
  • Plumbing leaks: Cracks in the foundation can compromise the integrity of plumbing lines, leading to leaks and potential water damage.

In addition to foundation problems, older mill houses are known for having original plumbing and electrical systems. While sellers may claim that these systems work fine, insurance companies are less likely to insure homes with original wiring and plumbing built in the 1950s. Although the lifespan of cast-iron pipes might be 50 to 100 years, new homeowners realize costly repairs are on the horizon. Selling a house fast with the original plumbing and electrical is challenging.

If homeowners decide to list their property, they should make necessary replacements before putting it on the market. Spending time on these types of repairs can be expensive, but attracting buyers and getting the best possible price for the property will require it.

3. A Property with Liens or Title Issues

When selling a house in Kannapolis, homeowners may encounter problems with liens or title issues. If the new buyer can’t get a clean title they will most likely walk way. Title issues, such as unpaid property taxes and liens, are often the most common. Still, there are many other reasons why title agencies may not cover a home. Inherited homes and mobile homes are known for title issues. Mobile home property owners are prone to misplacing the title to their home after paying it off. As a result, title insurance may be possible for the land but not for the house itself.

In this situation, Kannapolis homeowners should work with a real estate attorney who can help resolve any liens or title issues. Additionally, homeowners may consider offering a discount to potential buyers to compensate for the additional costs associated with resolving the liens or title issues. If you are struggling with title issues and are frustrated with the legal process to clean it up, there is hope. You can sell your house to a cash home buyer. JMS Home Buyers will pay cash for homes with title issues and liens.

4. A Property in a Flood Zone

Finally, a property in a flood zone is another difficult situation homeowners may face when selling a house in Kannapolis. Buyers should be hesitant to purchase a property in a flood zone because of the potential for flooding, which can cause extensive damage to the property.

To overcome this challenge, Kannapolis homeowners should work with a real estate agent who has experience selling properties in flood zones. Additionally, homeowners may consider mitigating the risk of flooding, such as installing flood vents or elevating the property. If you sell directly, rest assured that JMS Home Buyers LLC buys houses in any condition or location in Kannapolis.

5. A Hoarder House

Selling a hoarder house in Kannapolis tops our list as the most difficult. The cost of having professionals clean such homes can be overwhelming to the owners. We help homeowners deal with the reality of hoarding. It is difficult to see family members deal with the illness. We buy hoarder houses, taking that burden off families regarding how they will sell their house and to whom. We handle the clean-out, allowing families to sell their homes quickly and discreetly.

Selling a house in Kannapolis can be challenging, especially if facing one of the five difficult situations outlined above. However, with the right approach, homeowners can overcome these challenges and successfully sell their property. Whether it’s working with a skilled real estate agent, making necessary repairs, or selling the house directly to a professional home buyer, there are several strategies homeowners can use to navigate the selling process and achieve their goals. If you are ready to sell your house, JMS Home Buyers LLC can help! Reach out to us today to learn more! 704-707-6016

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