How I Planned to Sell My Inherited Home

  Many years ago, when my own family was in its infancy, I found myself in the position of being the beneficiary of an old family member’s estate. I felt so lucky. My young family was blessed with a financial helping hand when we were just starting out. It meant we could buy our own … Continued

Sell My House Now – Don’t Pay to Sell

  A few years back – like most of the customers we have today – I needed to sell my house now. Fortunately, the market in the Charlotte area is strong, meaning I had a good chance of selling my home quickly. However, reality struck. After looking at the facts I realized that in order … Continued

Living the American Dream, We Buy Houses Fast for Cash

Everyone has their version of what the American Dream means for them and over time that dream can change based on life experiences and wisdom. I chose to change up my dream moving away from the corporate sales world into being an investor in the Charlotte market. I had seen those “We buy houses fast … Continued

Sell MY House Fast – The Hassel-Free Home Sale

A few years ago, when I wanted to sell my house fast, I went down the traditional route of listing it with an agent. With a full-time job and a full-time family schedule, I simply didn’t have the time to jump through the hoops of selling my home over months and months. My time is … Continued

Stop Foreclosure Today – Selling your House when in Foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure Today – Selling your House when in Foreclosure In the turbulent tides of the present-day real estate market, it is increasingly common for people’s homes to go into foreclosure. Looking at market data for October 2016: 1 out of every 1168 homes in North Carolina are in foreclosure. Charlotte’s foreclosure rate is even … Continued

Sell My House Fast – Why Cash is King

The time it takes to sell a house is difficult to calculate. A lot of factors come into play with the sale of a home, meaning that attempting to give an average timescale is pretty much impossible – every house is different, every market is different, and so the time taken to sell your home … Continued

Cash For My House: The Smart Solution to Selling an Inherited Home

The Smart Solution to Selling an Inherited Home   Inheriting a family home can often bring a mix of emotions. Whilst having to deal with the loss of a loved one, we also find ourselves forced into a situation where we have to quickly become professionals in the real estate industry, and repair, market, and … Continued

Stop Foreclosure Now: The One Small Step to Freedom

  Stop Foreclosure Now: The One Small Step to Freedom   When we help a customer to   We’ve helped a lot of people to stop foreclosure in Charlotte and the surrounding areas. It isn’t the lack of solutions which causes months and months of inactivity, but it can take a long time before people … Continued