Sell My House Fast. What can prevent it?

I need to Sell my house fast. This is how many of the conversations start when homeowners call JMS Home Buyers about buying their house. Searching on line for ideas on how to sell the house and how to sell the house quickly isn’t something everyone has the luxury of doing in the midst of dealing with this event. People will call and share with us they are relocating due to a job transfer or transitioning a family member to senior living. There are many reasons homeowners need to sell their home fast. In some circumstances you have seen this coming and had hoped to avoid making the decision. But now that the time as come to find an agent, prep the house for the listing, and then wait on the right buyer to make the offer requires time. Time you may or may not have to devote to the project. Selling to an investor like JMS Home Buyers allows you to speed up the process of finding the buyer but what about actually closing? What else needs to be considered when attempting to sell your house fast?

People who want to “Sell My House Fast” expect a hassle free closing. That is why we partner with experienced real estate attorney’s in the Carolinas including attorney’s that handle probate and estate planning. In order to sell your house fast the real estate transaction needs to be handled correctly. You can avoid delays in getting your house sold when you have professional real estate attorneys handling the closing of your home. Selling your house quickly is not just about getting a fast cash offer. It requires a team of professionals focused on ensuring you receive what has been promised on the date you need.

When you are focused on learning how to sell your house you become more informed about what prevents you from selling your house fast such as waiting on the inspection, appraisal, and financing. Prior to Covid-19 the top reason for delays in closing were issues related to financing. There is nothing more discouraging than waiting on things you cannot control. The goal of selling your house fast is to avoid the stress and not draw out the process of selling and closing. Time delays can be costly. If we have learned anything this year in 2020 is that we can expect the unexpected and delays have become part of our daily routines. Even in the uncertainty  of COVID-19 JMS Home Buyers has systems and processes in place for you to sell your house fast and efficiently.

No one can predict some of the potential problems that can come up once you decide to sell. If you expect to sell the house fast and at a fair price the objective is to not get to the inspection process and be reminded about the rusted gutters, moisture in the crawl space and overgrown trees over the roof. These are the types of costly repairs that you slow you down. In some cases homeowners make the decision to relocate then deal with tending to those items on the repair list in hopes of simplifying their schedules.

But what about the delay caused by an unwanted visitor? For example, there is the risk of squatters moving into your vacant house. There are time delays and legal costs involved with having squatters evicted. Once someone moves into your home with personal possessions they are not considered as a trespasser. If someone is trespassing on your property, the police can remove them. If it is established that they are squatters this is no longer a situation that the police can assist with and you will need to file an eviction claim.  

vacant house

Recently I got a call from a homeowner in Chester South Carolina that wanted to sell his vacant house. He wanted to sell his home fast for cash. When I arrived at the house it was apparent that people were living in the home. It had been several months since the property owner had moved out. Now that he was ready to sell things were not going to happen fast. The homeowner would have never guessed he would be in this situation. He had put off selling the house because he was busy with a new job. There wasn’t a sense of urgency to sell the house until he needed to free up some cash for auto repairs. Once he had a reason to sell the house he wanted to act quickly. It had never occurred to him that selling the house immediately after he had moved out would have saved him a lot of time and problems later on.

There are many options for homeowners to sell their home. Such as sale by owner, list with an agent, and sell the home “as-is” for fast for cash. Contacting a real estate agent and preparing the home to list it on the MLS is the most common choice when a home is in good condition and you are not concerned about selling quickly. I can refer you to experienced real estate agents that know your market and can provide tips to help you “sell my house fast.”  For those who want to sell the home as-is, not do any repairs and avoid the frustrations of showings, inspections, and appraisals, JMS Home Buyers is prepared to go to work for you and buy your house.

If you want to avoid unwanted problems in selling your home, we will help you review all your options. Avoid costly delays and unforeseen problems by giving us a call today.

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