Avoiding Foreclosure

If you need help paying your mortgage and other bills you are not along. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in historic job losses across the country in record time. Families are making necessary changes to their budges to stay afloat but that isn’t necessarily enough. When you begin to have trouble making your mortgage payment … Continued

I can’t Pay the Mortgage. But Avoiding Foreclosure Is Possible

A change of events can turn your finances upside down overnight and suddenly foreclosure isn’t something that only happens to the other guy. It is possible to avoid foreclosure quickly once you realize selling the house can happen just as fast as the events that created situation. Most of us don’t have unlimited access to … Continued

Can I sell my house fast without doing repairs?

We get calls every week from homeowners that need to sell  their house fast without doing repairs. They  feel stuck because the home has years of deferred maintenance and they don’t have the cash for the repairs. The first thing they say is, “I don’t want to give my house away. But I know it … Continued

“We Buy Houses”

Have you ever seen those bright yellow signs, “We Buy Houses?” I used to ask myself if it was some kind of scam. And if it were a legit business who would use that kind of advertising?  A few years ago I decided to get into real estate  and quickly realized those bright yellow signs … Continued

Sell A Rental Home: Is Being a Landlord Worth it?

Sell a Rental Home: Is Being a Landlord Worth It?   As one of the leading home buyers in the Charlotte area, there are many occasions where we have had landlords come to us who want to sell their rental property. Quite often, they want to get out of the hassle of having to constantly … Continued

We Buy Houses in Probate

JMS Home Buyers sends out post cards to home owners advertising we are a local company that buys homes in any condition. And because we are using cash we can close quickly based on the seller’s timeline and needs. Earlier this month we helped  a customer get through the probate process to free up her … Continued

I wanted to Sell My House Fast – the Pains of Being a Landlord

  A few years ago, I got offered a great opportunity to transfer my job. The promotion was very exciting, it meant relocation to another state was made me feel adventurous. Everything seemed to come together at the right time to step my life onto the next level, all it meant was, at first, I … Continued

The Supreme Guide to Selling An Inherited Home

Inheriting a home from a loved one can be an extremely difficult time in one’s life. Prior to inheriting the home, you were probably dealing with a family member who has been battling a sickness or moving on from old age. The last thing you are thinking about during this period of time is what … Continued

How I Planned to Sell My Inherited Home

  Many years ago, when my own family was in its infancy, I found myself in the position of being the beneficiary of an old family member’s estate. I felt so lucky. My young family was blessed with a financial helping hand when we were just starting out. It meant we could buy our own … Continued